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Monarch Equity is working with a respected shariah consultancy to obtain shariah certification as part of efforts to gain credibility in Muslim-majority target markets; as such, all financing services under each of its three main business segments will be structured in accordance with the principles of Islamic law.

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Business Accelerator,
Pre-IPO, and M&A Advisory
Signature Service

Clients receive equity investments, as well as financial and practical assistance with IPO and M&A preparations. Revenue comes from the dividends paid on Monarch Equity's investment and the gains it realises from selling its shares at a much higher price during the IPO or trade sale.


Financial Solutions

Clients receive debt financing including Trade Financing, Factoring, and Merchant Financing, with revenue originating from the dividends paid on Monarch's debt financing, ensuring a steady income flow.

This diverse array of financial tools reflects Monarch's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clientele, fostering growth and stability in their operations.

Funding advisory

Development and
Fundraising Assistance

Clients receive funding to catalyse business growth.

Revenue comes from the Interest clients pay on loans and any income the Company derives from hybrid financing. Clients receive practical assistance with sales and marketing, digital transformation, and fundraising from third parties. Revenue comes from project management and retainer fees.

Our Investment Themes

We have identified & targeting specific impact themes across five different sector.